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What To Do When Someone Hits Your Parked Car

What To Do When Someone Hits Your Parked Car

Wet streets are commonplace this time of year in the northeast, and there is a significant possibility that someone may end up hitting your parked car. Should you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, there are specific steps you need to follow to ensure all parties involved are treated fairly. Here’s a rundown of what to when someone hits your parked car:

Call For a Police Officer

Regardless of circumstances, any traffic collision should be investigated by a police officer. Their report creates a binding verification of what happened at the scene, and you will need a police report to file an insurance claim regardless. Ask for a copy of the report and write down the name and badge number of the officer taking the accident report call. Copying down relevant information and getting the necessary documents makes your claims process much easier later in the process.

Document Everything

Take extensive notes about the accident and log/photograph any damage to your vehicle. You also need to write down the location, time of day, and weather conditions at the time of the accident. If you have a smartphone, take pictures of the damage and the positions of the vehicles involved as well as the street or road where the accident occurred. All this information helps the insurance company and police verify exactly what happened after the fact.

Call Your Insurance Company

As soon as you are safe and have all your documentation ready, it’s time to call your car insurance company to notify them of the accident. Give them all the relevant details you collected, and then take good notes when they explain where the claims process will go from the accident reporting phase. Additionally, if you or the other driver left a note with contact information, be sure to share that information with your insurer. If they have insurance, their company may cover some damages and your deductible, too.

A Quick Note About Hit-And-Runs For Parked Cars

Let’s say your parked car gets hit by another vehicle who leaves no contact information and flees the scene. Hit-and-run accidents can be considered a felony in some states, and they are taken seriously by both law enforcement and insurance companies. Whether or not you will still be covered for damages on your insurance policy depends on the structure of your policy.

If you have both collision coverage and uninsured motorist property damage coverage, then you should be fine. Don’t have coverage for these incidents? Consider adding both if you live in a major city and don’t have off-street parking. A little extra on your policy monthly could save you significant repair costs in the future.

Keep an eye on your parked car this year, and don’t forget to check for damage when you return to your car when you park in a public lot. The sooner you spot a collision, the sooner your insurance company can help you repair your vehicle and get back on the road. Call your Northeast Metro Insurance Agent today to review your collision and property damage coverage. For a small amount each month, you can protect yourself and your car from expensive repairs.

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How to Avoid Insurance Scams

These days, it seems like scams are more prevalent than ever. Most of us have become acutely aware of people online trying to get our money through shady practices, but the fact is that they can happen anywhere. Thus, it’s imperative that you stay vigilant at all times and learn the various ways that insurance scams can occur. Continue reading How to Avoid Insurance Scams

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3 Tips for Insurance for Millennials

Millennials can’t seem to get a fair shake these days. It seems like everyone wants to blame them for one thing or another. In reality, though, millennials are just like any other generation out there: working, paying bills and trying to find insurance. But finding just the right insurance can be difficult, if you don’t know what you’re looking for. How can you find the right insurance for millennials? Here are some tips to help you sort it all out:

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20 Tips for Summer Drives

It is that time of year, vacation time. Are you preparing for summer adventures across several states? Not only do you need to have a plan for your summer travels such as what to bring, where you are staying, food, entertainment, and more you need to consider your long drive ahead.

We put together 20 tips to consider as you get ready for your trip that will help you keep your eye on the road and ensure a safe, happy and memory of a lifetime trip!

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Is it Time To Review Your Insurance Coverage?

We’ve all heard the stories of loss after natural disasters or catastrophic events, such as fires or burglaries. Homeowners and renters insurance policies will cover your home and valuables in a lot of instances but there are some very important exclusions. Getting to know your policy, what is covered and what is not, can save a lot of trouble down the line. It also affords you the opportunity to acquire additional coverage to make sure you can replace all those items that reside in your home with you.

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Saving Gas Money with 6 Automobile Tips

Saving Gas MoneyIt’s hard to believe it, but spring is already right around the corner. As winter starts to release its icy grip, it gets easier and more tempting to get in your car and head out on an adventure of some sort. Whether it be across town or across the state, the open road calls to us as the weather begins to warm up. As you know, though, with nicer weather comes higher gas prices as well. If your hopes are on saving gas money at the pump but you’d still like to take that road trip you’ve been looking forward to, don’t get discouraged just yet. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can stretch your gas dollars a bit further this year.

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Spread the Word: December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

National Impaired Driving Prevention MonthThe holidays are upon us, and Americans are excitedly traveling to family homes, shopping hotspots and friendly parties. It is a wonderful time of the year for celebrating and being with loved ones. That is why it is so important to be aware of the dangers that impaired driving present during the holiday season.

While most Americans have a general awareness of these threats, there are still many who are uneducated about how this easily preventable problem could affect them and their loved ones on a personal level. That is why President Barack Obama designated December as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

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Texting Teens: Addressing the Distraction Behind the Wheel

Texting TeensThe new school year is officially underway, and thousands of teenagers are enjoying the freedom of driving themselves to and from school, sports, and other activities. Many of them are also glued to their mobile devices, waiting for that text from a crush or a friend to arrive. However, for teenage drivers, in particular, it’s crucial to remember how dangerous texting while driving can be. Every year, texting and driving (also known as “distracted driving”) causes numerous accidents that could otherwise have been avoided. Many of these automobile incidents have even resulted in one, or in some cases, multiple fatalities.

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15 of the Most Unusual U.S. Laws That Still Exist Today

Unusual LawsThe summer months are filled with holiday celebrations. Unfortunately, not all of the fun and games end well. This season finds police officers on high alert in protecting the public and ensuring that all of the festivities remain safe and within the guidelines of state law.

However, it may surprise you that some U.S. laws are so strange that they are sure to cause uproars of laughter. Concentrated in the New England states and surrounding areas, we’ve compiled 15 state laws that can serve as a humorous anecdote at your next summer shindig.

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