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Boating Safety Tips: Preparing for Spring Boating

Spring is upon us and it is time to prepare your boat for the first launch of the year. Reviewing boat safety is always a good idea before the first cruise of the season. This includes an inspection of your boat and the equipment you have onboard. You will also want to make sure all of your documents are up to date, as most marinas will require proof of boat insurance before issuing a slip. Here is a short list of tips to prepare for the upcoming boating season.

Preparing Your Boat

Complete legal requirements first and verify that your registration, boat insurance, license, and decal are all current. A boat insurance policy provides property damage and bodily injury liability, giving you added peace of mind when out for a day of sun, wind, and water.

Once you have all paperwork in order, it is time to inspect your boat.

  • Check the hull for any damage that may have occurred in the offseason.
  • Ensure that your engine and water pump are working properly.
  • Test navigation lights, GPS, radars and radios, and purchase replacement bulbs and batteries.
  • Check and repair, if needed, all onboard safety equipment.
  • Life jackets are crucial to safety on the water with one jacket per person required. Check that no holes are present and that they will still fit your friends and family.
  • In the event of engine failure, you will need paddles or a trolling motor to return safely to shore.
  • Do you have the correct type of flares?
  • Have you inspected your anchors, anchor lines, and dock lines?
  • Has your fire extinguisher expired?
  • If you are transporting your boat to launch, do not forget to assess the trailer. Examine all tires, hitches, wires, and bearings before transport.

Safe Boating Tips

Once your boat has passed its seasonal check up and the time has come for your first departure. There are precautions that should be taken to ensure a fun and safe time on the water.

  • Look up weather conditions before leaving the marina to avoid being caught in a storm.
  • Each person on the boat should wear their life jacket at all times.
  • Develop a float plan to alert someone on shore if you are gone longer than expected.
  • Do not rely on your cell phone as the only means of communication. Multiple devices such as radios, walkie-talkies or locator beacons with spare batteries are good choices.
  • A secondary captain should be capable of operating the boat should the need arise.
  • Avoid alcohol while on the water.

Following the rules of the water will ensure a safe and happy boating season!

Before your next trip on the water, be sure you have the coverage you need for your boat insurance. Our team is happy to assist in helping answer your questions and making sure you are fully covered. Call us at (800) 443-7007.

Summertime Safety 101

Summertime SafetySummer is finally within arm’s reach! The kids are out of school, the weather is fantastic, and there are plenty of opportunities to get together with family and friends. From May to September, there is a holiday each month. Celebrations can be a great time, but there are many hidden dangers that can ruin a good time if the proper precautions aren’t taken.


Drinking enough liquid, especially water, is vital for a healthy and happy summer. Most medical professionals recommend gauging your water needs at 64 ounces each day, or drinking half your weight in ounces of water; for example, a 150-pound person should drink 75 ounces of water. Without enough water, you run the risk of dehydration or more serious health conditions such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Proper sunscreen use:

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, and about 20 percent of all Americans will develop this cancer at some point in their lives. It’s also one of the most preventable. Daily use of a high-quality sunscreen for children and adults can prevent the immediate pain associated with a sunburn while helping to cut the incidence of melanoma in half.

Water safety:

Getting in and on the water is a popular summer pastime. It’s important, though, that whether you’re in the ocean, at a local lake or pond, or in a pool, you follow state, local, and park rules. Don’t run on slippery surfaces near the water, always stay with children, and keep private, backyard pools properly secured to prevent accidental drowning.

Boating safety:

If you prefer being on the water, think of the same rules you’d follow on the roads. Never drive a boat under the influence, don’t text and drive, and make sure you have the boat running smoothly before heading out. Passengers should always wear properly sized life jackets.

Fireworks safety:

Many municipalities have laws and ordinances surrounding firework usage. If you choose to use fireworks, know the rules before you light the fireworks. Fireworks should always and only be used under adult supervision. Better yet, pack a picnic and find a public fireworks display.

Lawnmower safety:

While not as fun as other summer activities, mowing the lawn is certainly as satisfying when you look at your well-manicured yard. Following proper safety steps can make the results even better. Always wear shoes and keep your legs covered and protected from possible flying debris, never pull the lawn mower backwards, and follow the recommendations on keeping children under 12 years old from mowing the lawn.

Above all, when temperatures rise it is vital to consistently monitor those who are the most vulnerable to the heat; children and seniors. Make sure they are drinking enough fluid and are in cool, properly ventilated areas at all times.

When and if summertime fun ever takes a dark turn on the roads, you’ll want to make sure you, your loved ones and your property are all protected. Are you in the market for a new insurance premium? You can receive a quick auto insurance quote that caters to your particular needs by clicking here.