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It’s Nearly That Time, Yes Boat Time!

Spring has finally sprung! The days have started growing longer and the temperature continues to slowly rise. For those of you who love spending time on the water, the time to get on your boat is near. If you’re eager to set sail, remember that advance preparation will prevent any problems from keeping you on dry land. Follow these steps to get as much time on the water as possible this year!

Perform boat maintenance

Every boat needs routine maintenance, but what exactly you need to do will depend on your boat. Check all the engine fluids and make sure everything is in working order, and have a certified engine mechanic tune up your engine. Check your other equipment like bilge pumps and water systems. Stock up on any spare parts that you might need on longer outings. Lastly, give your vessel a good cleaning to get her ready for your first trip of the season. Continue reading It’s Nearly That Time, Yes Boat Time!

An Adult’s Guide For Returning Back to School

Back-to-SchoolGoing back to school as an adult is a major life decision that requires the commitment of a person’s time, attention, energy, and money. College is tough at any age, but there is a lot you need to know and prepare for in order to go back and be successful in your later years. For those considering a return to the classroom for higher education, here are some helpful tips to get you started on the road to success:

Continue reading An Adult’s Guide For Returning Back to School